Ar Telecom’s internet access solutions guarantee high levels of performance and flexibility, achieved by the technological multiplicity of accesses and specialised technical support. Choose the bandwidth you need, up to 10Gbps, in Ethernet accesses and implemented over optical fibre infrastructures.

The solutions are tailored to customers’ needs and can be made available, with no minimum binding period, for lengths of 12 or 24 months.

Are you familiar with the benefits of our internet services?

Types of access:

Dedicated asymmetric and symmetric accesses, with superior levels of availability and performance, allowing fast professional and monitored access to information.

  • Access via optical fibre, copper and radio;
  • Asymmetric, symmetric and contentionless accesses;
  • Speeds of up to 10 Gbps;
  • Contracting of guaranteed capacity;
  • Proactive monitoring;
  • Redundancy solutions;
  • Dynamic routing;
  • Installation, management and equipment maintenance services.
  • Access to Ar Telecom’s broadband internet through an asymmetric connection. Prioritises downstream speed to ensure that information is obtained and transfers are carried out faster.

  • Various means of access: ADSL, NDSL, HFC, FTTH, radio;
  • Asymmetric accesses with speeds of between 128 kbps and 100 Mbps;
  • Various contention ratio;
  • Unlimited domestic and international traffic;
  • Option of contracting fixed IPs;
  • Installation, management and equipment maintenance services.