Non-geographic numbers allow organisations to be contacted by their customers, suppliers or partners, in a simple and professional way, from any national landline or mobile network.

This service boosts call-centre performance by using easy-to-remember numbers and by providing multiple call-forwarding and delivery options.

With this type of number system, there is no direct relationship between the telephone number itself and the location of the company or person taking out the contract. Calls may be answered at a set of predetermined answering locations, located in different geographies and with different call distribution criteria.

The solutions are tailored to customers’ needs and can be made available, with no minimum binding period, for lengths of 12 or 24 months.

Numbers that facilitate contact with organisations and boost customer satisfaction, ensuring greater ease in contacting customer service staff.

  • Enhances communication with customers;
  • The call is free to the caller and is supported by the service customer;
  • The cost associated with each call will depend on where it originated.
  • Numbers that facilitate contact with organisations, with costs shared between the company and the caller.

  • Service cost is shared between the caller and the company;
  • For the company, the cost associated with each call will depend on where it originated;
  • For the caller, the call is charged at local rate.
  • Flat-rate numbers from anywhere in the country with a fixed cost per minute. The cost of the call is paid by the caller and is always the same, regardless of location.

  • The cost of the call is borne only by the caller;
  • Flat rate per minute for the caller, charged by the second after the first minute;
  • Option of revenue sharing for incoming calls.
  • Numbers with a fixed cost per call charged to the caller and the call revenues are shared with the Ar Telecom customer.

  • Service with cost borne only by the caller and offering good revenue potential for the company;
  • Flat rate of €0.60 (without VAT), regardless of the length of the call;
  • Calls can be received on any national landline network number.
  • Are you familiar with the benefits of special numbers?


    Number portability, distinct routing by area code, date/time and network type, recording of advertisements, blocking, online statistics of calls received and more.


    Easy-to-remember numbers that facilitate contacts between organisations and their customers.

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