The Virtual Data Center is a private cloud-based solution offering dedicated resources and designed to address every type of need that organisations may have. This means it guarantees fully transparent technologies and architectures as well as excellent performance.

The service consists of contracting a share of virtual computing resources that are administered in a self-service management portal designed to give users complete control over management.

A comprehensive range of complementary services lets you manage the infrastructure with complete confidence and convenience: disaster recovery and replication, backup, storage, firewall, monitoring and administration services, software licensing, load balancing and integration with external networks.

Are you familiar with the solutions offered by a virtual data center?

Computer service settings:

The contracting of a share of virtual computing resources includes processing capacity, memory and storage, providing fully flexible settings between vCPU, vRAM and disk space (GB). In addition to these basic settings, the following options are available:


Access to the virtual data center via VPN or dedicated accesses.


Superior level of protection for data passing through the file server with ESET File Security Antivirus.

Complementary services


Backup service that allows you to implement backup policies. Managed backup option: the backup policy is defined by the customer and Ar Telecom is responsible for implementing and managing the service. Self-service option: contracting a share of space for backup and licensing.

Operating system administration

Verification of operating system updates, analysis of logs and events, monitoring of the execution of operating system services and monitoring of computational resources.

Database administration

Management of updates, analysis of logs, monitoring of services, monitoring of computational resources and management of groups and users with database access.

Active directory administration

Active Directory implementation and administration service that includes the tasks of managing privilege requests and creating, changing and deleting users.

Firewall administration

Configuration of networks and DHCP service, creation of NAT and routing rules, creation of firewall access users, integration with Active Directory and configuration of VPN access and configuration of firewall and monitoring rules.

DR as a Service

A disaster recovery solution as part of a business availability strategy. Achieve yours RTOs and RPOs replicating your systems to Ar Telecom Data Centers.

VM Runtime

Maximize your investments while saving on licensing costs. Use VMs with affinity to a single host in a dedicated VMware cluster, with computing resources and dedicated disks, in order to meet your requirements. Flex and save using your software licenses included in ERP solutions, with the simplicity and elasticity you are used to. Continue to manage the allocation and capacity utilization of your VMs that are in the cloud using the same portal as Ar Telecom's Virtual Data Center.

SAP HANA appliance

Certified appliance for hosting SAP HANA databases for up to 200 users. It offers a dedicated physical server, fully certified by SAP and installed by the manufacturer Dell.